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Many many competitors

The upcoming Nautilus will be entering a very competitive segment, with rivals from nearly every manufacturer. Hopefully it's price isn't inflated too much over the outgoing MKX, because entry price could be one aspect where it'll have an advantage over alternatives. These are the main rivals I think it faces.

- Volvo XC60
- Lexus RX
- Cadillac XT5
- Jaguar F-Pace
- Jeep Grand Cherokee
- Audi Q7
- BMW X3
- Mercedes GLC
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I'm now at the end of a months-long search and I cross-shopped all of those except the Jeep and plus the Range Rover Velar (corporate cousin to the Jaguar F-Pace), for which I had a factory order before I tested the Nautilus last week.

The Nautilus is in a bit of an odd place in the crossover segment. I was looking for a little larger crossover (I currently have a 2016 Audi Q5) but didn't want that third row. The Volvo XC60 and X3 (and others) are smaller, the Q7 has a third row. The F-Pace is about the same size, but is performance tuned and is noisy and a bit of a rough ride. The Velar is also same size as the Nautilus and F-Pace and is gorgeous inside and out, has every technological whiz bang, and has a smooth and quiet but spirited ride with its V6 engine upgrade. But it is tens of thousands of dollars more expensive than the Nautilus and Land Rover (and Jaguar) have by far the worst reliability record of any auto manufacturer today. Their spiffy new infotainment system in particular continues to be very glitchy.

Now that I think of it, I didn't even look at the XT5. I'm not interested in giving GM any of my money. I figure I already gave them plenty of my tax money 10 years ago.
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I think its also important to look at demographics because that helps us understand what else people are looking at.
With that in consideration i've seen people interested in Lincoln products also throw Buick into that equation and it can be hard to understand.
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Seems to be the best value in the group. Market share, as you say, depends on pricing.
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Lincoln just needs to keep pushing and the new Conti is a great example of what they're willing to do.
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Did someone mention Buick? I just broke out in hives....I much rather spend a weekend roasting up in **** that own ANY Buick....sorry GM....the ONLY car GM produces that I like is the new Vette...
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