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Edmunds first impressions/review

Edmunds has already had the opportunity to test out the upcoming Nautilus. They weren't overly impressed with the driving experience, but this model isn't geared towards those who are looking for high performance. I personally do like the fact that the leather seats can be ordered in different colors but I do find the interior styling to be a bit dated. Have to wait on the 2020 before it moves away from just being a refresh of the MKX.
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for a journalist she has a big disconnect between what owners in this segment want and her own ideas which aren't compatible.
she wants a snake shifter but the demographic for this segment is buying for a whole different reason, they aren't enthusiasts.
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Elana has a great reviewing style but I agree that she's nitpicking a bit on a model that's really just an update. At least Lincoln is finally moving away from their conventional naming style which was long overdue. I do agree that in its next generation they are going to have to provide a more powerful engine and really overhaul the cabin design.
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....Or like when she opened the centre stack hideaway compartment.....I'm surprised she did not actually break it...touch it again and it quietly closes, don't just PULL it shut LOL...did not mention the different dynamics between driving in normal and in sport modes...I think it should have been discussed....in Sport mode I find the Nautilus is a vastly different ride...engine is in a more "relaxed " mode in D....switch it to S mode and the difference and response is quite evident, both in pickup and smooth delivery of the ride!....regarding the infonaut display, I'm happy with it's current size...I can see everything quite clearly and nothing seems to be compressed in the least!....it's an interesting perception Elena has on the Nautilus... as an example, most men would not care that much about the foot activated rear cargo hatch....I'm convinced this feature was designed with women in mind, yet she does not mention it at all... over all, she offers a decent review, but I'm glad I did not base my buying experience on HER review, or I might have swung to another brand...
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